Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fast Food Nation: Introduction

This quote from the book "Food has changed more in the last forty years then in the last forty thousand years," shocked me the most. The difference between forty and forty thousand is ginormous, and to think that food has evolved quicker in forty years then forty thousand years sickens my stomach and makes me wonder what are they really putting in my fast food meals. In the introduction it said that fast food comes prepackaged frozen, canned, dehydrated, and frozen-dried. The question that arose when I read this sentence is, what do they do to make it taste so enticing? What could they possibly do to our food in a simple kitchen to make costumers come back?

What impressed me the most, is that fast food started in southern California with simple hot dog stands. In 1968 there were 1,000 restaurants world wide, and today there is being added 2,000 each year! Also how in the 1970's 6 billion dollars was spent on fast food, and how in the new millennium 110 billion is spent on fast food. Economically in my opinion fast food is doing better then any other business. It's astounding how in 30 years a business can have and income increase of 104 billion.

health issues is another important factor in the fast food nation. In the book is said that "the average American has 3 hamburgers, and four orders of french fries each week." At first i didn't think that was possible that an average American would eat that much, but then i thought of my own school Lake Howell. Everyday i see at my table, about half the people eat cheeseburgers or hamburgers with fries everyday! The authors statement, with My school reference really proved to me how obese Americans are. Other health issues that people should be concerned about, are of the workers. It is said that many of the injuries that happen in slather houses, etc, go unrecorded and uncompensated.

In the introduction of the book fast food nation I've learned quite bit for just 10 pages. As the weeks go on by I plan to post more about this book, and about fast foods unraveling secrets! :)


1. What is the hearth of the fast food industry?
A: Southern California (hot dog stand)

2. How does the amount spent on fast food compare to the amount spent on other things in society?
A: The authors said we spend more on fast food then on books, newspapers,videos, recorded music, and movies combined! Also the author stated that people spend more money on fast food then on higher education, personal computers, computer software, and new cars.

3. What are some of the observations about McDonald's made by the author?
A: McDonald's is responsible for 90% of the country's new jobs. In 1968 there were 1,000 restaurants world wide, and in the 2000's their adding 2,000 new each year. About 1/8 of workers has once worked at McDonald's. McDonald's is the larges toy giver. It is also the larges purchaser of beef, pork, chicken and potatoes.

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  1. Well done.

    I really like this. You not only answer the questions and provide details, but you also provide commentary. Good observations with the Howell. It's hard to believe some of the stats that the author provides, but when you really think about it they're not that far-fetched. It is also incredible to believe that food has changed drastically in only 40 years. Well done.