Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fast Food Nation Chapter 8

"About five thousand heads of cattle enter it every day, single file, and leave in a different form," I must say that this sentence is pretty grueling, and eerie, making me have pity for the numerous cheese burgers i have comsumed in my 15 years of life. It's good to know that the mangers of these slaughter houses do care about their workers. It was reasuring to read that they wear chain mail's designed th protect workers from cutting themselves and for cutting their coworkers. Sadly that isn't enough, it has been documented that every year more than 1/4 of the meatpacking workers roughly forty thousand men and women suffer injuries or illness beyond first aid. The most common injury in the slaughter house ins Laceration which is when you get stabbed by hoursleve your somone working near by. After these types of injuries it was said that many of the workers develope trauma. Thye also may develope back problems, shoulder, and carpal tunnel syndrome. All these illness, and problems are turn offs for me in ever working in this business. knowing all this information I wonder why so many poeple continue to apply for there jobs, where you life is in risk everyday? Also when they hear it's the most dangerous factory job in the U.S you would think that the people who apply would turn there backs on it, but everyone is desperate for money. Many of the wokers though do not know of these conditions, for many of them are illegal immigrants. Most of them being Latino.

Working in a slaughter house would be too difficult for me. The jobs that these workers do to me aren't moral. slicing their heads off while still alive, ripping kidneys, staying in knee high blood. That is definetly a nightmare. After reading this section of chapter 7, i definetly turned my back on meat for a couple of days. Image you being sliced up into peices with with butcher knifes meant to kill? I felt terrible when I read the sentence on the living conditions of these cows! They live side by side, so close to the point where moving is impossible. The rooms are hot and humid, with a mixture of manure definetly makes the place reek. The cows face unberable temperatures of 101 degrees, till the end of their lives, with a knife to their throat.

Now cutting the meat for a living is probably a terrible job, but at the strick of midnight sanitation wokers are said to have the worste and most dangerous jobs! There hourly wage is horrendous! It's about 1/3 lower than those of regular production employees. You would think that the workers that have to clean the blood, manuer, fat, grease, and left over meat of 15,000 cows a day would be paid with a treasurable salerly.

1) How does the injury rate in meat packing compare with the injury rate in other occupations?
A: The injury rate in a slaughter house is about three times higher that the rate in a typical American factory. Every year more then one-quarter of the meatpacking workers suffer injury or illness beyond first aid

2) What kinds of injuries do workers in meatpacking planst typically suffer?
A:Laceration are the most common injuries suffered by meatpackers, who often stab themselves or stab someon working near by. Also back, shoulder problems, and Carpal tunnel syndrome, which is when a finger beomces frozen in a curled position.

3) What is the impact on wokres of speeding up the line in meatpacking plants?
A: The impact would be more injuries with accidental stabbing. Probably fainting or trauma from pressure to not cut themselves or going to slow in comparison to the actual speed of the conveyer belt.

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