Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fast Food Nation Chapter 10

mhhmm...."McWord?" Sounds pretty terrifying to me! A world cluttered with a restaurant that creates genetically modified food, mistreats their livestock, and has a history of causing food-borne illnesses. In my mind this is a world I definitely don't want to live in! It's scary that literally a decade ago that McDonald's had about three thousand restaurants inside the United States; today it has about seventeen thousand in more than 120 foreign countries! What a humongous increase of restaurants in such a unexpectedly period of time. This fast fact definitely blew my mind away; that Coca cola has been around since 1886 now 124 years old, and McDonald's since 1956 now 54 years, and McDonald's is more widely recognized than Coca Cola, which beats McDonald's about 70 years! This really proved to me the statement in the book on page 229 that "The fast food chain has become totems of western economic development."

"By eating like Americans, people are all over the world are beginning to look like Americans." This quote is so very true. When i first went Brazil i found only 3 McDonald's out of the six states i went to, about 4 years later, McDonald's was found what seemed like every street. Basically what you see everyday in typical America. Not only was I astounded by that observation, but the people as well look a little more gargantuan then I had last recalled. It was very rare when i first went to Brazil that I found someone that looked overweight, but now a days you'll find them everywhere. Extremely disappointing through my eyes, that a country could be influenced so fast, by the "McWorld."


1) In foreign countries, what group does most fast food advertising target?
A: definitely children:)

2) Why did the author visit Plauen, Germany?
A: He visited Plauen because for decades Plauen has been on the margins of history. Many historical events had occurred, and started in Plauen, Germany. Ex: Nazis formation

3) Why is obesity a problem for American society as a whole?
A: obesity is a problem for Americans as a whole because obesity causes major internal dysfunctions, diseases, and also decreases the life expectancy. As a whole this could cause our economy to drop, for we don't have enough healthy or simply enough workers to do the jobs we need for our country to stay afloat.

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  1. Well done on all your posts. I find it interesting that you chose the quote, "By eating like Americans." Ouch!