Tuesday, March 2, 2010

so who is Carl N. karcher anyways? well I recently learned that is one of the major pioneers for our fast food industry today. It's amazing how starting simply in southern California it was able to spread around the world at such a fast rate. Carl was just a typical high school drop out, who was offered the luck to move out west to work in Anaheim, California. Back then this area was entirely ranches and farms. Carl moved out there and worked selling chickens, cattle, and hogs, for literally 26 hours a week. Which compared to today is nothing according to hours at work! Briefly after moving west he moved back to Ohio with his wife Margret and started a hot dog stand. His new no boss, independent business was working out quite well, till the point during wwII he had enough money to buy two hot dog stands. Later doubling to four, as well as owning his drive-in Barbeque place.

Another pioneer for the fast food nation, and definitely had, and still has the biggest impact on our fast food is Richard and Maurice McDonald. Who at the start of the great depression left New Hampshire for Southern California, hoping ot find jobs, not in food, but in Hollywood. Strange as that sounds, it didn't work out, and neither did there movie theater, but they soon hit a struck of luck. They decided to open a restaurant in pasadena, called the "McDonald Brothers Burger Bar Drive-in." Not only did the McDonald's brothers introduce us to the what everyone in the world knows as McDonald's, but they also introduced us to a new method that" increased speed, lower prices and raised the volume of sale." This method was the "guiding principles of factory assembly line," where everyone had one specific job, and did that job repeat.


1) What restaurant chain did Carl Karcher start?
A: Carl's drive-in Barbeque

2) What were some of the Characteristics of the men who started the food industry?
A: Risk takers, determination, intuition, and imagination.

3) What were some of the other fast food restaurants that were inspired by McDonald's approach to food service?
A: Wendy's, Domino's, Kentucky fried chicken etc :)

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